Financial Services
We work with banking and insurance companies in all major areas, including :
  • Retail banking
  • Private banking and wealth management
  • Clients and capital markets business
  • Transaction banking
  • Asset management
  • Life and property insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Risk, liquidity and capital management
  • Stock markets
Health Sciences

Companies across the health sciences industry recognize they need to deliver higher quality of care at a lower cost. The health sciences industry must take action to keep up with government regulation, worldwide competition and quick adaption to new trends.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to ensure that their products demonstrate measurable cost and quality outcomes in the face of increasing price and access pressure.

Medical technology

Medical technology companies need to be both cost effective and innovative, rebalance towards growing profit pools, implement viable leadership strategies for emerging markets, realign go-to-market systems to new types of buyers, and address the needs of a growing range of constituents.

Healthcare payers and delivery systems

Healthcare payers and delivery systems must lead the charge in delivering higher-quality care at lower cost. Healthcare payers need to design products that motivate consumers to use health services in the right way, build relationships with their members and support providers with more effective care management tools and reimbursement systems. Healthcare delivery systems must align themselves to integrate care while preparing to take on more accountability for patient outcomes and the cost of care.

Communications, Media & Technology

Keeping the world connected is no easy task-evolving technologies, increasing adoption, limited resources, and governance structures all play into the success of the telecommunications industry. We work with companies in all areas of the Telecommunications industry, providing experience, and insight to help industry leaders implement the changes demanded by the market.


The Media and Entertainment industry is made up of trailblazers intent on expanding technologies in new ways to engage the world. Their inventions and transformations help facilitate communications, commerce and industry, and encourage enterprises to catch up with consumerization of their own business models and deliverables. Bringing industry knowledge and innovation to their work, we helps media and entertainment companies continue to take decisive action to position themselves for success in this fast-changing industry.


Innovation. Market share growth. Success in emerging economies. These are where technology companies are drawing the battle lines to boost profitability. Winning here requires taking a hard look at labor costs, workforce mobilization, consolidation, and other drivers that can improve return on investment; it means spending every day as an agent of change. To help our clients meet these challenges, we provide world-class consulting services drawing on broad experience to deliver practical solutions based on fresh thinking, which is what technology is all about in the first place.



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